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“The Gatherers” by Diane D’Ewart

We have become gatherers

We gather to pedal, to box, as adventurers

We gather stories, ideas, solutions to shared problems

As we learn to

Stretch, to push ourselves,

To see beyond our public selves

To share with each other our forgotten selves

Some of us dusting off smiles we almost lost

In this small intersection of our lives as we box or spin together, 

We disclose ourselves:

A baseball trophy we have won

A poem written

A silly cheer

Our needlework

The latest hopeful research 

Our love of doughnuts

The gift of truly hearing each other

We gather ways to live this life, not always gracefully, 

But learning from each other

And just as these hours that we share undergird the day

Just as these activities give us a foothold for whatever may come…

A starting block, a place from which to spring into life in all its fullness

All of this we gather together.

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