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They’re Going to Put Electrodes in My Brain & The Beast


Fred McMullin


They’re Going to Put Electrodes in My Brain

They’re going to put electrodes in my brain

At first glance it seems somewhat insane

But as time goes on and things do not get better

We take shelter where we can in lousy weather

There’s no guarantee this will succeed

But the odds look pretty good to me

Sometimes you have to take it all in hand

And do your best with what you understand



The Beast

So you’re sick and you’ve been told

It could be years before you go

So take your meds, try DBS

Do this and that and all the rest

Your goal is to get thru the day

In such a manner, so you can say

Life is good despite the beast

That is trying to slip the leash

And tear into your hollow head

To send you off to join the dead

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