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from the Women Living with Parkinson’s Support Group, Kirkland, WA

based on a painting by Painters with Parkinson’s of Canberra, Australia



I see people, and a great big hat


I see three birds on a black branch

They’re nestled up together


A turtle’s down

At the bottom


He’s got his head out just a bit

In darker water


I see sea life and fins


A coral reef

I see energy


On, off—on, off

Children’s energy


I see a couple of whales

Yellow, orange


Tulips, like a headscarf


I finally see something—


There’s a mother

Holding her daughter on her



A sleeping child


I see a little boy

With a balloon head


And he’s waving goodbye

To someone


Someone’s in the bed


Who is sleeping in the bed?


Why is the boy waving goodbye?


All I can see

Are three birds


I see a yellow and green sea serpent



On the coral reef, pink

Lilies, the tulips

Are the people—


A fiery orange

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