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“Going Public” by Gary Vallat

Rubye, Gary & Aimie Vallat

The Present Moment video

is shown on the “Big Screen”

at Healing Circles Langley. This screen is small compared to the Clyde Theatre

who is showing Mad Max at the same time.

There are some similarities,

post apocalyptic chase stories

mine the apocalypse of Parkinson’s

theirs the apocalypse of civilization.

I can only imagine what Max is doing

but this small family is telling the story we live.

Questions from the audience

open the door to what lies beneath the surface

and though a tale of struggle

and unwelcome change

there is a lightness in the telling.

Despite the pain and confusion

underneath is joy that grows

from our joining together

to hold this tale

and recognize how much we share

on the road of our trials,

how important this coming together is

in our journey to completion.

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