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"Begin Again" by Stephen K. Cooper

Some times it lays heavily on me like a brick

Like a basket full of stones, weighing me down

Like a skydiver’s doom, a chute with no strings

Like a bag full of subzero over my head

Like all the opposites of whatever I need 

Like all my troubles wrapped into one 

Like nothing I can hold and everything I hate 

Like all the blasted light at the end of my line

Just Like me right now

Sometimes I just wanna run away to anywhere safe

Where I don’t have to be strong and intelligent 

And capable and unstoppable 

Where bricks build strong houses to lie in rest

And I can hold my weary soul close

And sing myself soundly asleep

And Begin Again

One thought on “"Begin Again" by Stephen K. Cooper

  1. Some days make our spirit….and the burden….heavy. You expressed it beautifully, without wanting pity. None of us want pity, we just want our dang bodies and Life back! Well done.


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