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by Brian Camp – Everett, Washington

Yes, I have Parkinson’s;
I’m the first of Jeff Camp’s sons;
Out of all aunts, uncles, and cousins,
I’m the only one!

See me shuffle into Albertson’s,
Where I bump into a cart—not mine—
Full of peppermint Schnapps and someone’s
Last-minute dinner; it’s Christmas time.

Watch me roll right through the shopping bog
And shimmy past the wrapped fire logs,
Or hit that special on egg nog:
I don’t fit in with the other cogs.

After I veer through holiday cheer
Towards the more-than-happy cashier,
I scramble for my wallet—right now, right here.
She bids me goodbye: “Happy holidays, dear!”

Yes, I have Parkinson’s;
I shop with it at Albertson’s;
I have more than Twelve Days of Medicine,
But I’m not the only one!

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